Almost every one of us loves to read novels particularly thrillers. The world has seen many renowned writers who have excelled while writing these types of fictions and in this article we are going to discuss 6 tips on how to write thriller novels.

1. Always start with a bang

A thriller novel usually involves high levels of action which entice so many readers all over the world. While writing a thriller, it will be better to start your novel with a bang. Being in the middle of the action from the very onset will definitely thrill the reader and keep him engrossed throughout the entire story. Although you can start with some easy-going actions while composing other types of novels, it is not same when it comes to a thriller.

2. Fast pace

In case the novel is starting with a scene full of action it will be prudent to maintain that momentum throughout the entire story. In fact, fast pace is one of the primary attributes of a popular thriller since the reader will not want to stop reading till he has finished the entire novel. For this, a writer can consider moving his characters from one location to another while changing the plot of the story. The characters will go on changing their actions since they are unfamiliar with the new locations.

3. Solid plot development

A popular thriller is going to be plot-based and it is very important how the plot is unfolding at different stages. Although character development matters a lot, a thriller will never be complete without a solid plot. Consequently, pay attention to the development of plot while writing a thriller novel..

4. Every single scene is important

While writing the thriller, make it a point that every single scene counts. There must not be any filler scene which can simply repel the reader from reading the novel further. You might also include a clue or a hint in each chapter which can imply a lot of things in the long run.

5. Try not to be boring

It is very important to keep the reader interested throughout the entire novel and he should never feel monotonous at any point of going through the story. Write whatever you can out of your own imagination so that it is able to excite the reader although it might not be according to your likings.

6. Write properly

Your novel will never be appreciated by any reader in case it is full of grammatical errors and other such flaws. Try to focus on the characters and there is no need to be flowery. In fact, improper writing can really spoil your years of hard work.