In case you are contemplating of writing a novel for the first time in your life, it is quite natural for you to get anxious and daunted. However, there is no need to worry if you keep certain aspects in mind while composing the fictions. In this article, we will throw some light on the 5 best practices of a novel writer. We also recommend this article if you are looking for additional rules on writing fiction.

1. Keep yourself motivated

It is extremely important to remain motivated while composing a novel. We have come across lots of novelists in the past who have taken extreme measures to keep on writing best-sellers without any interruption. One reputed author used to dip his legs in cold water while writing at night so as not to feel sleepy. Another novelist was in the habit of keeping decomposed fruits at his desk while writing since he liked to get his creative juices flowing while experiencing some sort of discomfort.

2. Comprehend your audience

Most of the authors make the blunder of writing novels for a wide range of readers with the intention of making his novels more popular. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to win the applause of a fashionable teenager as well as an elderly individual from a particular fiction at the same time. Consequently, it will be much more sensible to target a specific type of audience while writing a fiction.

3. Be a part of a team

Make it a point to be a part of a team while writing a fiction. Your colleagues will be able to find out any error that you might have made in your novel. Moreover, man is a social being and you will certainly enjoy their company while laboring at your desk without feeling monotonous. Taking the guidance of a coach to help you stay responsible will likewise not be a bad idea after all.

4. Maintain a proper schedule

Discipline and punctuality matter a lot if you want to be a successful novelist. A proper routine will make it easier for you to organize yourself so that you can find ample time during the day for writing your story. While one individual might be a full-time writer, another person can be a part-timer and their routines are going to differ in many ways. Consequently, establish your own schedule which will fit you the best.

5. Provide yourself with breaks

Try to award yourself some well-earned breaks while writing a fiction. It is quite natural to feel dull and dreary after toiling at your desk for long hours and a rest will prove to be extremely useful to bring the best out of you as an author. Indulging yourself in some interesting and fun activities will keep you inspired while writing.

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