Publishing book can be a complicated process. Just like any individual work, fiction book publication can be broken down into more straightforward steps. The path can be confusing when you are new to the publishing industry. Therefore if you have a great idea, but you don’t know how to pitch it, worry less since the following guideline of how to get your fiction book published will do your writing a hot demand within a year. My good friend Alun Stern who is head of the publishing division at was kind enough to give me these tips to share below.

Write an irresistible proposal

Instead of writing the entire book, write a proposal first to try and interest an agent or editor. In case the publisher is convinced by your argument, it will contract you to write the book. If adequately researched, a reasonable proposal can range from 10-25 pages. However, some complex proposals may reach 50 pages.

Get a literary agent

You are done with your proposal, and you have decided need a professional literary fiction book agent to aid you to publish your piece. Agents need writers to make a living hence to your advantage. To get a good agent, you might gather their names from publication websites, or you seek a recommendation from trusted persons or friends.

Discuss and implement edits

Agents have a specific understanding of a particular publishing industry hence they will be able to provide constructive feedback on what to include to make your work easier to pitch and sell. Avoid hostile approach to suggestions. You should be passionate about their opinions but sensible to advocate your perspective.

Sign the book contract

The contract is a legal agreement between you and a book publisher. Many writers may simply sign them. However, the deal may have unfair and unforeseen consequences often to the write. There try and read the terms and conditions to avoid the effects of contract breaching. Although most publishing industries don’t provide contract negotiations with writers, they give the necessary tools for a successful publication.

Know individuals who will handle your writing

Books go through many hands before reaching the reader. There are various departments in a book publisher, all with different duty. Your paper will go through the publisher, editorial department, contract and legal department, production department, creative department, and sales department. Ensure your book goes through this unit will lead to a high-quality output. You will be happy to know that the whole team is working together to bring out the best in your fiction book.


Even after acceptance, it can take several months for your book to be published. It’s also possible for publishers to lose interest in your works due to market changes or new staffs. In case your work is rejected, you shouldn’t lose hope but go back and resubmits your proposal. Publication is a long and arduous process, but once you hold your published work, it is time you shift your thought to marketing, publicity and sales department. Enjoy seeing your copies in bookstore and marketing niche as you make dollars.

Final thought

Fiction book publication is a complicated process. Completing and getting it published are incredible moments that can happen to any fiction writer. However, you shouldn’t stop writing just because your proposal has been rejected. Therefore to be a successful author, you need to prepare for the length of the journey ahead and disappointments along the way.